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Diarmuid ua Duibhne

Seelie [ ]

John Grimm

Shardless [ ]


Unseelie [  ]

The Red Hand mercenary company is an elite and relatively small force, specializing in military point-holding and capture, daring rescues, covert operations, intelligence gathering and hit-and-run raids. The Red Hand serves as a private, deniable strike force for its commanding officers, and its true purpose is known by few by basically everyone now.

The Red Hand is a notable mercenary organization which began almost on accident. To combat the threat of Reynard the Fox as he rallied local and mercenary men from his stronghold in Maupertius in the late summer of 2700, many clans and lords local to the region formed a loose coalition of arms. Among these, Alasdair White-Hand gave over a notable contingent of sworn armsmen and vampir childer to the ex-convict and lesser Dorchadan warchief Aly Rautire.

It's widely rumored that during negotiations Alasdair welcomed Aly into his bloodline and embraced her into the night as one of his vampir childer, and gave her a parcel of his father-name in native tradition; henceforth, she became known as Aly Red-Hand, and the mongrel group of soldiers fought under new banners made for the occasion.

The name stuck, and so did many of its surviving members; after re-organization, the decision was made to formally become a mercenary force, with new applicants tested and accepted over winter.

In the spring of 2702, Aly Red-Hand passed command of the group to Diarmuid ua Duibhne, John Grimm and Javik, before vanishing.On June 29th, they met in secret in Leathann, and discussed the future of the group and their plans. Their contract with the Seelie, in aiding the occupation of Mair, was considered fulfilled and terminated. The Red Hand is currently not affiliated with either court.

In September of 2702, the Red Hand launched their plan to steal the collected shards of both courts. Teams were organized to infiltrate each court, while another team set up a decoy site in the Witch Moors. The theft was successful, and the ritual to harness the power of the shards was completed. As a result, the stolen shards reformed into a mountainous gem, casting the war - and the world - into chaos.

Its future in the Willed World is pending!

The Red Hand is formally organized. There is a book of regulations, fixed pay scales and plans for advancement. In addition to certain insurance opportunities, members may benefit from paid leave, pensions, retirement plans and medical care (its way better than obamacare). Magical medical care for their troops are available where possible, and the fallen are disposed of with dignity.

The commanders negotiate with would-be employers, pay the fleet's wages, and organize standards and appointments. They actively recruit from shardbearers and natives alike, and will take recommendations.

Troops are organized into companies headed by lieutenants, with multiple lieutenants reporting to a captain. Captains head the larger segments of the mercenary body: intelligence, cavalry and infantry. Captains report to the commanders. The individual mercenaries in each company have signed contract with their captains or with the commanders which determine the scope of their benefits and wages.

Certain aspects of mercenary behavior are regulated by the drabwurld's law and custom, as interpreted by captains and commanders for their own convenience. A mercenary group is required to post warnings to local villages and on major roads in its area of activity. Of course, not all mercenaries abide by this - but the commanders of the Red Hand insist that they do so, if only to retain popular goodwill or in a private dispute.

In any area where the Red Hand is active, one may find a member of the company and speak to them about joining. A Seelie looking to join may speak with Diarmuid au Duibhne and an Unseelie may speak with Javik. Any and all may speak with John Grimm.

Employment is not necessary to work with the Red Hand - an informant may pass along information without being a formal member. This makes cross-court interaction a little safer, but such arrangements will not benefit from the full membership. Other, more discreet payments and exchanges can be agreed upon.

The Red Hand hires nearly every flavor of mercenary - swordsmen, archers, magic users and thieves are all welcome. Jobs range from full military campaigns to border skirmishes, as well as escorts, bodyguards and settling disputes. 

While recruitment will focus largely on infantry and soldiers, the commanders will have a particular interest in hiring magic users and thieves (and any combination of the two). This is not publicly known.

What your character can assume or know about the Red Hand at this point is as follows:

★ It was once lead by Aly Red-Hand
★ They have been in the employ of the Seelie, and helped them hold Mair. This contract was recently seen as complete, and they no longer have a Seelie-backed presence in Mair.
★ Very recently, leadership changed hands.
★ They are currently actively recruiting for new members, most vocally those with military experience.
★ They were responsible for the theft of the shards from both courts, the greatest consequence being the gem reforming on the plains. 

The Plan is at the bare bones stage right now. More will be outlined and discussed as it becomes relevant, and nothing is set in stone! There is no timetable for implementing it and it will be a constant work in progress.

This is an attempt at pursuing a third option, one that combines the goals of both the Seelie and the Unseelie. The exact means of doing this, as well as the direct results and consequences are currently unknown, even to us! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know, or get into contact with the mods.


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